6-Inch Woof Paws Decal

$7.95 $14.95


SIZE: 6 inches wide  ·  4.5 inches tall
COLORS: White or Black

Stick this woof decal on your bumper, your windshield, your laptop, your fridge, or anywhere else your heart desires!


1. Pick a place for your sticker and clean it thoroughly
2. Carefully remove the film from the BACK of the sticker
3. Line up and place your sticker on your surface
4. Use a credit card to smooth down the decal, making sure all areas of the decal have been smoothed down.
5. Carefully and slowly remove the film from the front of the decal, making sure that the decal stays stuck to your surface.  If any of the decal comes up as you peel the film away, smooth that section down with a credit card again and then try peeling the film a second time.

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