Colt Camo Thigh Sling

$64.95 $67.95

  • Pack this in your suitcase for every trip!
  • The movable neck support and adjustable thigh slings have a supportive padded interior and durable camo canvas exterior for seductively comfortable restraint play 
  • This durable pig making sling will make sure you never get bored again as you try out every carnal combination and angle. The movable neck support and two pillow-y thigh straps make sure you and your partner can experiment with endlessly versatile restraint play.
  • The thigh slings adjust up to 34 inches to accommodates most, while the movable neck support and sling extends up to 50.5 inches to let you give full control to your partner and keep a little comfort for yourself 
  • The comfortable cuffs and neck sling are made with a padded PU interior and a camo canvas outer layer; The heavy duty PP straps and POM buckles allow for fully adjustable neck and thigh slings

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